Mooji, Quote

Are you open for this?

If you feel trapped it is through your mind.
If you feel free it is through your mind.

Don’t give it to your mind to assess how good the day has been.
Just be present.
Be like space—it never gets old, it has no mood.
Be like a clear mirror—it has no opinions or preferences.
It doesn’t say, ‘I like to reflect flowers, but not beards.’
Whatever shows up, it reflects perfectly.

So don’t give up. By following these simple guidances
your mind is going to become light, open and clear. Why?
Because it is natural for it to be like this.
Only bad education, bad culture, bad habits distort
your perception and recognition of the Real.

Just be very open and present
and accept that every day is your best day,
every moment is your moment.

Are you open for this?

~ Mooji

Mooji, Quote

Supreme being

Nothing does everything better than something.
I say this because we have a fear that
‘If I am empty of me as a person, how can I live?
I have rent to pay. I have children to look after.
If I am empty, how I can do these things?’
But you merely think it is you who is doing all these things.
This is a very difficult thing to convey to the immature mind
because the mind won’t accept these words.
The Supreme Being is doing everything.
Through all the bodies it is doing all this as the vital force.
But also the personal mind has an influence.
Now you must judge whether the influence of the mind,
if the involvement or so called help of the personal mind,
is needed by the Absolute. – Mooji

Mooji, Quote

Life is unfolding

Everything that happened, you never saw it coming.
The greatest things in your life, you did not expect
—they simply unfolded.
As you begin to recognize and accept this,
you relax and see that your life is unfolding
inside a greater harmony.
Free will, destiny, all of these things
are only pertaining to your body-mind expression,
not to your real Self, which is beyond all that.

~ Mooji