Mooji, Quote

‘Whatever it takes, I will be free of this’

You say you are searching for freedom
and something is becoming worse inside you. Why?
Because a power, a force that has not been serving you
is being exposed. And it is as though there is another entity
inside your being that is pretending it is you, or with you.
But now you are discovering it is not in service to Truth,
and being exposed, it begins to retaliate against you.
Are you aware of this or not?
Everyone who searches for the Truth or freedom
experiences what you are experiencing now.
So I am asking you all these questions, what will you do?
Will you say, ‘Okay, Mr. Mind, I will be nice and obey you.
I will be a good person. I will stay with you, just don’t beat me.’
Or will you say, ‘Whatever it takes, I will be free of this’?
Then, you turn yourself over to the Supreme and the divine energies.
You surrender to them, or you follow this process
and guidance of self-inquiry which I am showing you.
Trust it. Work with it until you are free of this molestation.
Because in this life, you must transcend the voice of the serpent.
And you have all the advantage
because what you are searching for is already inside you—complete.
It cannot be destroyed. It cannot be lost.
It can only be hidden and it has been hidden for a very long time,
and replaced by the devious play of the psychological mind.
Is it time for a change?
Yes. And so change has come.
Grace has come. Also fire has come.
Don’t be in despair. Don’t be discouraged. Don’t be afraid.
Greater is the power that has come for you
than the power that fights against you.
Trust and apply what I say.

~ Mooji

Mooji, Quote

Supreme being

Nothing does everything better than something.
I say this because we have a fear that
‘If I am empty of me as a person, how can I live?
I have rent to pay. I have children to look after.
If I am empty, how I can do these things?’
But you merely think it is you who is doing all these things.
This is a very difficult thing to convey to the immature mind
because the mind won’t accept these words.
The Supreme Being is doing everything.
Through all the bodies it is doing all this as the vital force.
But also the personal mind has an influence.
Now you must judge whether the influence of the mind,
if the involvement or so called help of the personal mind,
is needed by the Absolute. – Mooji