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“What is puzzling you is the nature of my game”

Soul Mapping, that’s how I call it, but it might as well be called Soul Puzzling!?

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The posts I did on this blog sofar are the pieces of the puzzle to complete me, to know my soul. To shine a light on who I truly am. The way I understand it, we are all the one supreme being, or perhaps His son. Pure Consciousness. We are filled with life force,  we are Life itself.

Now here comes the tricky part, we need a soul to be able to take on the human form. That makes the soul the avatar and the body its vessel. The soul comes with baggage, stuff we in the human form have to deal with, heal. And according to the story ‘The Egg’ by Andy Weir, like this our pure self aka the Supreme being aka the highest form of consciousness is able to mature. By knowing our true self we can heal our separated selves, to become one once again. And in short eventually we as a matured experienced, perfect, whole being take place with the rest of the gods.

It’s tricky, cause I don’t know if it’s the Truth. I Loved the story ‘The Egg’ and I hope you’ve read it too. It took me two times of reading it for ‘miracle’ to occur, but after that it never left my mind. I took off on it, until the moment that the mind just stopped. It just got lost, for a moment I was out off my mind! Have you ever heard the sound of silence? No thinking, no inner voice, no nothing? Complete emptiness? It was pure Presence. “I am, am is.” Mooji would say.

You know how the master teachers say, “I can show you the door or I can point you where to look, but you have to step through the door, you have to walk the path”? Well, I was presented with a way to get one foot in the door, to see from the point of the single eye/I. Be one with pure being. Like the Heart Sutra is used in Buddhism for contemplation, The Egg can do the same. It is not just something to be read , but the intention is to contemplate its meaning. Penetrate to the Truth. By shifting your perception away from the  personification. Getting caught in Right brain thinking, person identification or by asking to many questions like how or why, blocks the stream of information behind it’s facade. It blocks true knowing for the Truth asks nothing. So, as above so below, everything is connected. This short manual for reading the Egg, is striking for the human condition. We need to lose our self, the one we think we are, to totally be the One we have always been. I found my key to look behind the veil.


One of my earliest childhood memories is about me not being able to sleep, cause now and then my mind was haunted by the thought of dying. What will happen when we die? Is it the end of everything? What is the point of going to school of having parents?, for when we die we lose it all. “That’s it” my dad would Say. “When we die there is absolute nothing.” As a kid this idea terrified me shitless!

Only now, as I am writing it down for the very first time I can see past the Fear and a part of the Truth is shinning through.I realize that eventually the uncomfortable answer made me look deep down my own existence. Nobody besides me could give me my peace of mind. It must have prepared me to look beyond the illusionary, comforting blanket of our society. A society run on extreme forms of denial, buried the fear of dying. Always looking for distraction.

I just couldn’t imagine that since I was conscious of me being alive, that I would just stop being. Now back to the story about The Egg. While reading it I connected the teachings with my own feelings. It’s not the person or the body with which I identify myself that’s going to continue. It’s that part of me that is conscious of this person, that is eternal. To be precise, when I am aware of the person, this awareness obtained by an observer is perceived by something. Something that is untouched, it has no form, yet it’s full of life. You can’t describe it yet I know on some level it has always been there. The highest from of consciousness that connects us all.

“You are the sky. Everything else – it’s just the weather.”― Pema Chödrön

The Egg, made me lose my mind. There is no need for absolute answers. Just take your mind on a trip. Therefore reincarnation is real, you die, and you came back as someone with a different gender in a different culture, with a complete different personality. And still you are you, who is this you? In combination with this, you have to know there is nothing else in this universe except for You and God (God and his son or maybe existence is having a conversation with itself, in a way like I am having right now) That would make  you being everybody else at the same time. The teaching of one, of no other.                        See what happens when you bring your mind there…. and remember it’s not important that these insinuations are absolute facts. The  only purpose of this exercise is to blow your mind, to the point of no mind. And in this ‘nothing’ the infinite is found. The One that’s whole, wholly, the enlightened one.



This realization comes with a lasting feeling of Joy, Freedom and Peace. It is what they call salvation. By losing the person that is ever changing we get in return that which we can truly trust. Its our save resort, heaven on earth. Its an end and a new beginning.

This is Home no questions asked. You and I are the center of it all.





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