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“How to make correct decisions using your Human Design”

In this article series, “How to Make Correct Decisions Using Your Human Design,” we are going to present the different kinds of Authority in order of hierarchy. In this first article, let’s cover a bit of a background on Type and Strategy, and why Mind is not your Authority. We’ll also cover the one Center that is the Authority no matter what other centers are defined, the Solar Plexus/Emotional Center.

When Ra received this knowledge, “the Voice” did not give him Aura Type, Strategy and Authority as we know it today. Ra received the raw substance of Human Design, which he then synthesized through his thousands of readings and teaching his students about how this illusion that we live in functions. Ra structured the Mechanics of the Maia into the “Human Design System, the Science of Differentiation” that we have today.


Entering the place and date of your birth (including the exact time) at allows you to create a free account to discover your Human Design. You’ll be able to access various graphical views of your Bodygraph, along with written descriptions and audio recordings.

You’ll hear Ra Uru Hu, the founder of the Human Design System, explain your Strategy as to when to make decisions, and what your Authority is – your way of choosing correctly. Learning all about this complex system is unnecessary to operate correctly; all you need to do is KNOW YOURSELF and experiment with living your design to discover how well it works for you.



Decision-Making is Navigation through Life

Moving through life and being yourself is about making decisions correctly – deciding what to do in a way that is authentic to the being you truly are. Making decisions authentically as yourself requires that you honor your personal authority. Human Design offers everyone a simple way of helping you discover how you can reliably make the right choices as and for yourself – by being your own Authority.


Strategy and Authority represent the surface of this complex body of knowledge in a way that anyone coming to Design can easily experiment with the System. It doesn’t take a lot of effort to verify whether Human Design works for you. Simply experiment with making decisions according to your Strategy and Authority, which can lead you to living a fulfilled life.


One of the most stunning accuracies provided by the Human Design System is the signature of Type. By discriminating what combination of energies in the bodygraph resulted in which frequencies, Ra associated with each of the Types a special “Keynote” that represents the way they experience fulfillment. Making decisions correctly leads you to the “signature” of your Aura Type – Peace for the Manifestor, Satisfaction for the Generator, Success for the Projector and Surprise for the Reflector.


Mind is Never Your Authority

Not-self conditioning causes your mind to become the false authority. Your deeply conditioned mind attempts to be your authority because it is subject to the adaptive strategies taken on to protect the openness within you. Adaptive strategies such as avoiding confrontation and truth result in not being able to live as yourself.

Mind acts as a spokesperson for the openness in your chart – specifically your undefined centers, as well as bridging gates between areas of your definition if you are a simple split. You can’t turn off your mind’s pratering, but you can watch the interaction between the mind and the Centers to facilitate awareness.

When you are new to your experiment, you’ll notice your mind second guesses your Authority, which is a clue as to what to ignore or not believe. Your mind can never know what is right or what is wrong when it comes to making decisions about yourself, because of conditioning. You can’t believe anything your mind says about you!

Like snowflakes, all of us have an exquisitely unique design. Life Force Energy flows through the channels within us all from the Pressure Centers at the Head and Root, to be expressed at the Throat, our Center for communication and manifestation. Like Mind, all three of those Centers are also never an Authority in your life.



Strategy provides the Solution as to When to Decide

The Human Design BodyGraph provides the template for what it is to be human. The kind of energy that is consistently present and active within you determines the holistic frequency of your Aura, which is you. The Aura Types may be only four in number, but there are endless variations of these four found in the world.

All Types are given a simple Strategy for decision making that allows each to bypass the conditioning of their mind and access their Authority. In this article series, we’ll cover all Four Aura Types along with their Strategies and possible Authorities. We’ll also provide example charts that you can click on to save to your free myBodyGraph Chart Library for your reference.


Unique Frequencies of Authority

Separated into two kinds of Authority, here is the hierarchy of “Inner Authority” and “Outer Authority.”

Inner Authorities:
Solar Plexus

Outer Authorities:


Common Human Design Authorities

The Solar Plexus (Emotional Center), Sacral and Splenic Authority Centers are the ones that show up most often in the world, with about half of our population being Emotionally defined. Often you will see Human Design charts that have one, two or all three of these Centers defined. Once in a while, you’ll see a bodygraph with none of them defined.


Emotional Authority

If you see the inward pointing triangle on the lower right-hand side of your bodygraph colored in, you know that you are an Emotionally defined being because of your consistently energized Solar Plexus.


Imagine you are a body of water – a tranquil lake. Small decisions are like small pebbles thrown into you; it doesn’t take long for your waters to grow still again so that you can see clearly and make a decision from that place of clarity. Now imagine someone is backing up a huge dump truck to roll a boulder toward you, the lake. Boom! The boulder crashes into the lake, throwing out huge waves and shaking the earth. This time it takes a much longer time for the waters to become clear, with ripples bouncing back from the shore and mud being stirred up. Large decisions (like romantic relationships or big career moves) can take far more time to get clear on.

However, your emotional waters are never completely still – because your chemistry creates waves on its own. As an emotionally defined being, you are more like an ocean, with varying kinds of waves depending on what kind of definition you have. Because of the motor function of the Solar Plexus, you can never get a completely clear picture of decisions. When you’re feeling good, everything looks better. When you’re feeling bad, everything looks worse. You can only reach a sense of clarity over time as the waters – your emotional waves – keep on moving.

If you have the Solar Plexus defined, the most important thing for you to learn is patience, to avoid premature action that your mind or others condition you to take. The capacity to accept what is, to endure nervousness and upsets or elation without acting from the high point of either emotional extreme is of the utmost importance for you to learn. Patience allows you to experience the “wave” or swing of moods and emotions generated by the Solar Plexus, and practice allows you to make your decisions from a place of clear waters – a place of calm.


Types of Emotional Authority


Regardless of the kind of Emotional Authority you have, (Manifested, Generated or Projected); you need time to experience emotional clarity throughout the depth and breadth of your emotional wave. Wait for zero emotional turbulence on decisions before you move forward on anything, as there is no absolute truth in the now for you.


As an emotional being, you are here to know things deeply, experience a full range of emotional experiences. You are here to move forward when you are clear about your impact (Manifestor), response (Generator) or recognitions after having been invited (Projector).


Truth reveals itself as a sense of clarity over time as you experience the myriad of perspectives from riding your emotional wave.


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